The fee for the day class is $125. The class consists of all basic and some advanced techniques including, but not only, body position, aggressive acceleration, braking, starts, cornering, jumps,  confidence and many other skills necessary to become a better rider plus lunch and drinks are all included. I've taught riders of all skill levels, from ages 6 to 76.


Sorry, No group classes scheduled at this time.


Do not feel like you have to be left out, it doesn't matter how much or how little you know, how fast or how slow you go. TV Land is a great place to learn to ride or simply improve on your existing skills. Whether you are a first timer, want to shave lap times, tackle the giant doubles or just keep up with your kids! Whatever your ability, I can help you on your way to a better riding experience!


I have been teaching since 1995 and have over 30 years of personal riding and racing expierence to share.


Spending money to make your bike faster is a common trend that holds some benefits for the amount of time you own that bike. Learning to become a better rider is something you will have for the rest of your life AND it will add much more speed than any bolt on product available.

Let me help you improve. You will not be disappointed!


Register today!


Just submit your name, age, type of bike, telephone #, and date of class you wish to attend here.



You can also arrange a private lesson.

60 miutes of instruction for $100.

We will work on whatever you want at a pace you set.

You are welcomed to, and I encourage you to, stay and practice here at TV Land for the remainder of that day to further develope the skills techniques that we've discussed..



Email me to set up an appointment

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